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Social Media Marketing is currently the fastest growing component within the online marketing. Thanks to the great influence and extensive reach, social media has the potential to reach a large specific group of people (potential customers).


Social Media offers many advantages:


  • Affordable marketing
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Improve your customer service
  • There is no big budget necessary to make successful use of Social Media.
  • A well-developed strategy will bring more visitors to your website.
  • Your online reputation may increase significantly.
  • You can even serve your customers better by responding directly to questions via Social Media.
  • Users of Social Media will share useful information with just one click.

Social Media Marketing, however, can be a complex issue. In addition to simple blogs and forums there are many popular and well-known social media channels, each with their own specific strengths and target audience. It is important initially to formulate own social media strategy. Then carefully identify which channels will work best for you, looking for the presence of your target audience. Finally, design and implement a structured social media plan for your company.




Social media are websites and applications on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), where users create a profile and share their interests. The content on social media sites is created by users. Examples of social media are Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs.

Companies are interested in the opportunities that social media offer them. This is due to the massive use of social media and the amount of time that users spend. Analyzing the target group (s) on Social Media and formulating the social media plan will take time. Fortunately, it will save your time in the future.




In order that your social media channel to come up, you can create a social media topic map. This is a bit like a word spider: Put the name of the company in the middle and remember what subjects you are active.

A company needs social media not only to promote their own products, but can think of quite different subjects around making it much more attractive to follow the company on social media.




Tips & Tricks

  • Lists

Lists (like this one) are doing very well on social media. Lists are organized and useful. The reader knows exactly what to expect. In addition, they read very quickly and it is easy for followers to respond.

  • Definition

A definition of a difficult concept, or interpretation of certain market trends of the business, are useful for the followers.

  • Behind the scenes

Followers find it interesting to see how it goes behind the scenes, especially companies with which they are dealing with. Allows businesses to show what kind of environment they work.

  • Other people / companies to follow

When companies build a list of influential / inspiring people or businesses in some sectors it can also work in favor of the company itself. Often it works so that when you promote someone else  they promote you whatsoever.

  • Quote

A quote from an influential person on related subject will often well-liked by the followers.

  • “Best of”

A message at the end of the year, where for example the popular Facebook posts of the year are summarized, works well as a promotion for the company.

  • Project Showcase

As a promotional, companies can also highlight a particular project in a message. This project could be already finished but it can also be a project which is still underway.

  • Product tips

Passing through tips on how customers can be more successful with the service / product that the company offers is useful both for customers and for promotion of the company.

  • “What if?”

A “what if” question can work well to encourage followers to think. The condition for this is that it’s a good question that is interesting and debatable. A message like this should be fit for the company.

  • Meme message

A meme is a gimmicky image with text on it. A company may well make their own memes or use an existing meme as social media message. A message which entertains followers can be very effective.

  • News item

A news show about your industry let your followers know that you keep this good. The message does not have to be completely new to be effective. You can also add your own perspective here.

  • Contest

When a contest is announced on social media, this requires action by the followers. This allows followers to be more involved in social media channel. A company can have multiple messages about places to keep followers up to date.

  • Challenge

To engage followers in the business, you can also challenge your followers to do something.

  • Question message

For example, frequently asked questions from their followers.

The conclusion here is that companies need to think about how they communicate on social media. There are many ways to put fun social media messages. If they do this well, followers will read the messages more carefully and be more involved.